Echoes from the Other Land

Echoes from the Other Land

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  By: Ava Homa

  Published by: Tsar Publications

  Version: Reproduction & Original

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Book details

  1.      Pages: 99
  2.      Language: English
  3.      Edition: N/A
  4.      Publication date: 01 October 2010
  5.      Age range: N/A
  6.      ISBN: 9781894770934

Book Description

Fiction. Middle East Studies. These haunting stories beautifully evoke the oppressive lives of modern women in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Anis, a computer programmer, is at the end of her rope, putting up with the bullying criticism of a no-good, unemployed lout of a husband; Azar is a young divorcee, and the only person she can talk to is Reza; but she can see him only late at night when "they" are not around; Sharmin has Down's syndrome and hopelessly loves Azad; he loves Kazhal, beautiful and blessed; but Kazhal is married off and is divorced at twenty and now awaits a hopeless future.... For these and other characters the weight of traditional attitudes, the harassment of the religious establishment, and the attitudes of men make for a frustrating, confining, and sometimes unlivable existence.

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